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ViaEtica is a non-profit organization based in Brescia, born in 2014 thanks to the idea of dr. Marco Capretti, president of the association, and of professor Fabrizio Arici, vice-president of the same.

ViaEtica operates in developing countries such as Kenya, Togo and Madagascar without ever forgetting its town of origin, Brescia.

The ViaEtica guidelines are:

- the value of a job, and having the opportunity to learn and get a job, always in relation to the possibilities offered by the place where the worker lives; as an association we would like to support the agricultural, construction, health or craft sectors. The remuneration of the work has to be in relation to the value that it creates and therefore must be recognized, always starting by the context in which the worker lives and from which he comes. The profits of our local projects are redistributed in services such as home, education and health, predilecting the needs of children.

- the value of knowledge, and the possibility of being able to increase every cultural level by promoting the protection of culture and art, raising awareness on issues such as health, childhood and the environment, trying to protect them as much as possible.

- from a social point of view we are committed to supporting the weaker parts of the society: individuals with psychological disorders or addictions; elderly in conditions of psychological or psychiatric economic distress; abandoned minors, orphans or in situations of maladjustment or deviance.

Briefly ViaEtica wants to create more opportunities through the work to guarantee and develop culture, health, independence and ethical life seen as life that creates value.

We believe in values ​​such as peace, life, family, dialogue, culture, justice, honesty and respect for women.

Our Projects

Our goal is to promote solidarity initiatives in countries and communities in need in the work, health, agricultural-industrial, educational-cultural and environmental protection fields.

Our aim is to create value, employment and well-being for the local populations and for the operators in the respect and protection of the uses and customs of the host country.

KENYA - More than a cup! (since 2022)

"More than a cup! Samburu - Green menstrual management project" is a project started in January 2022 in Samburu in northern Kenya, aimed at young women of middle and high school. The mission of the project is to support the emancipation of girls and improve their quality of life and future opportunities, increasing awareness of the menstrual cycle and the aspects connected to it, breaking taboo and providing spaces for dialogue with comprehensive and correct information. The main actions are: to carry out training days with the professionals of the Drawing Dreams Initiative and to provide each girl with a hygiene kit consisting of a menstrual cup, washable sanitary pads, soaps and towels.

KENYA - Scholarship Programme (since 2017)

The project, started in 2017 in Meru County, finances the secondary school through scholarships for three deserving students who do not have the necessary financial resources to support the expenses. In Kenya being able to access and attend good secondary schools with good results is essential to be able to enter public universities. Our goal is to support these young people in building a better future for themselves and for the community in which they live.

A detailed explanation of the aforementioned project can be found in the Documents area under Kenya Scholarship - updated

KENYA - Pamoja Kwa Watoto (2019)

Together for the children

In April 2019 Dr. Giorgia Paolone and Dr. Francesca Foresti went to Meru (Kenya) with the mission of creating a socio-educational project aimed at strengthening the creative and relational skills of the Nkabune orphanage's childrens. During their stay they made a participatory observation concerning the group dynamics and the organization;and also some structured activities to observe the children's skills and evolutionary development. In July 2019, when they came back home, they reported the elements analyzed through a scientific document which showed that it is necessary to equip the orphanage with educational staff that responds to the relational, emotional and creative needs of children. 

A detailed explanation of this project can be found in the Documents area under the heading Pamoja Kwa Watoto.

KENYA - Meru Children's Home (since 2018)

In 2018 we started a collaboration with Sister Anselmina, a nun from the Diocese of Meru (Kenya).

 We visited her orphanage and we decided to support her and to date we have:

-contributed to the purchase of the orphanage's pick-up;

-purchased and mounted photovoltaic panels thus ensuring the production of electricity;

-bought sheets.

 Our future intention is to bring specialists for a possible internship.

TOGO - the smile's seed (since 2016)

The project "The seed of the smile", begun at the end of 2016, supports and collaborates with the dispensary of Todomè in Togo, where there are numerous births every year and many deaths in the first few years of life; deaths easily avoidable with basic care.

The project aims to guarantee ongoing care for newborns and their mothers, guaranteeing a valid vaccination plan and medical examinations before and after the birth of the child (until the end of school age).

As an association, in addition to health assistance, we decided to support all the children born in the project financially in full the first year of school.

In 2018, 98 children were registered and of these, after one year, we had only 2 deaths: a white death and a septic complication in the second month. A mortality of around 2% in these regions is fantastically low.

Further details are available in the section Documents in the file "Il seme del Sorriso"!

MADAGASCAR - Machine for clay bricks (2016)

In Ambanja, northern Madagascar, we met Father Stefano Scaringella, St. Damian hospital's director.

Father Stefano was looking for a machine to make clay bricks to be used in Antananarivo for the construction of his orphans' houses who went to the city to continue their studies. - The use of raw brick avoids the use of the furnace for cooking and therefore the use of timber, reducing deforestation in place -.

Working with him to find the right machine, back in Brescia, we found a project that could satisfy us at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Brescia, and in particular at the CETAM.

In November 2014 with Father Stefano we met the engineers and students of the University and we agreed to build the brick-making machine.

In January 2015 the machine was completed and transported to Antananarivo.

In this project, Via Etica supported the student who made an abroad thesis on the construction and operation of the brick-making machine, with particular attention to finding the right mix of clay and cement for the brick's construction.

MADAGASCAR - Ozone Therapy Project (2014)

Via Etica has donated to the Saint Damien clinic in Ambanja (directed by father Stefano Scaringella) an ozone therapy machine, brought to the site by Monica Colombini.

The machine was placed at the leper hospital to assess its use and effectiveness against leprosy (as requested by the OMS through Dr. Antonella Bertolotti from Intermed).

Dr. Bertolotti used the equipment in the following July on leprosy samples.

In August, Marco Capretti and Tiziana Guerra were in Ambanja and decided to transfer the equipment to the clinic where patients with various pathologies belong and who can benefit from ozone therapy.

The device was then entrusted to Dr. Claugen Segana, on the instructions of Father Scaringella, after a training use by Marco Capretti and Tiziana Guerra.

Via Etica has offered to support the development of ozone therapy at the Ambanja clinic with further training missions.

Help us to help

Your contribution is fundamental to carrying out our activities and helping more and more people!

For us, contribution means sharing principles and projects and supporting the management of our non-profit organization.

Help us to carry out our projects, find new ones and raise funds. Participate in our events and raise awareness of everyone you know.

By actively working in our initiatives, you will help us to make sure that all this comes true and you will allow the realization of our projects in Africa and beyond.


Thank you!

In your tax return give us the 5x1000, just indicate the tax code of our onlus: 98180180170 - For donations our IBAN is: IT38B0521611201000000094284 causale donazione liberale

Our Events

Join the crowd! You will contribute to our initiatives by spending a pleasant evening with friends.

Via Etica turns 5 - A dinner to celebrate all together!

  • Giovedì 17 Ottobre 2019 20:00
  • Ristorante la Sosta Brescia

A dinner to celebrate Via Etica!

After 5 years of activity we are all together to spend an evening in harmony, talking about the goals achieved and the projects in place.

This opportunity will also be aimed at raising funds.
The cost of the dinner is 50 € each.

See you soon!

Burraco for charity among friends

  • Lunedì 16 Settembre 2019 20:00
  • Ristorante Nuovo Nando Brescia

What is a good opportunity to get together and play cards?

Here is the solution: a burraco for charity among friends, there're also a lot of gifts to win!

The registration fee amounts to € 25

To register please contact:
Titti 339/1555517
Ela 335/5218259

The more, the merrier!

Concert "Elly sings Etta James"

  • Sabato 14 Settembre 2019 21:00
  • Auditoruim San Barnaba Brescia

During this splendid evening you will hear the songs of the unforgettable American soul singer re-proposed by the splendid voice of Elly.

The entry amounts to € 15

The concert organizers will donate part of the proceeds to our non-profit organization!
Special thanks to Vitamine Factory and Massimo Alessi


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A big family

Samburu - Kenya 2019

Meru Children's Home - Kenya 2019

Meru Children's Home - Kenya 2019

Meru Children's Home - Kenya 2019

Meru Children's Home - Kenya 2019

A big family

Todomè team

Parmachy employee with his son

tariff schedule of the dispensary

Firstborn in Togo dispensary


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